Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who is reading my blog???

I'm loving the nifty new Stats tab on my Blogger Dashboard! Kinda wild that I've got a growing audience in South Korea and Brazil. If you are reading this post or have read any of my posts, please enter a comment (you can even enter it anonymously) and shout out your country.

United States 498
South Korea 17
Brazil 11
Canada 8
Germany 2
Israel 1
Mexico 1
Taiwan 1


  1. Shout out USA - MOM

  2. The one above is me - for some reason I had to create a new google account. How do these people find your blog??

  3. If you want to surf other blogs, go to the top left side of this page and you'll find "Next Blog." This is the most likely way people other than followers may have found my page.

  4. Croatia! Wow, I'm feeling all worldwide now. A lifetime ago I visited Dubrovnik while my sister and I were backpacking one summer.