Sunday, March 9, 2014

Writer's Block or what have I been doing for almost a year

Yeah, I know... MIA for way too long. Can't quite understand how I haven't been able to write, me... one who is never at a lose for words. The good thing is that I have discovered why I like to write. It's a process, just like doing laundry or any other repetitive task. It is not the actual result, the proverbial clean and folded laundry, that I need but the process. The contemplation, the release of words to the keyboard or notebook. Then the editing. Hitting the delete button, inserting, rewording... the process.

This means that I have fell in love with new processes that help me meditate on life. I've discovered water bath canning. Seriously, I love it and I can do it in my tiny kitchen! I've made the best garlic pickle ever, fell in love with homemade strawberry jam,

 created "Mmmm mango Mandarin jam," and

<"There can only be one.. The Gherkin."

The Gherkin (just before putting in jars)>

I bought a juicer and love the mixing of fruit and veg that result in these amazing colors and flavors!

And for the first time in my life, I have been able to grow my nails and I'm obsessed with polish and nail art! 

How silly, how fun!

Stay tuned for canning recipes, my fav veg/fruit juice combos, more rants and giggles, and yes, watch my nail art progress. 


  1. You go girl! Good luck on your blog! I'll be checking in for tips in the kitchen..who knew? ;)

  2. Keep on preserving, nail painting, juicing - all good stuff!
    Take care of you - CSM