Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the Winner is.....

Thank you to those who participated in my fun and games! We have taken a poll here at the Daley household and the competition and debate was fierce.  I know the anticipation is driving you mad but please be sure the winning results were protected by our guard cats, Poly, Ester and Snips, under the bed with all the other prized possessions.

My desktop rat friend now has a name,Fräulein Frederica Fancy Rat. Congratulations go to Kimberly, (visit her blog http://somethingiwantedtotellyou.blogspot.com/) and the Lady of our ring, Babes in Blogland.

Kimberly, contact me with your address so I can send the "Pink" prize!

From time to time I will do this again, everyone needs an excuse to get crafty!


  1. I knew that rat was German, she told me her favorite meal was NOT cheese, but bratwurst with dark beer. Congrats to the winner - I am a good sport!

  2. I Won!!! That's soooo cool!!! Thanks so much--I am honored :)