Monday, August 2, 2010

For Thea

My best friend passed over four years ago and I wrote this several months later. My sister is still with me and I hear her laughter on the wind and feel her supportive presence in my darkest hours. A day does not pass when she is not in my thoughts. She is free and she still calls me, like good friends do.

Star, Anthea (Breeze) Padric Summer 2001

Grief, it engulfs you... at first...a blow to the soul
So long it has taken me to put the feelings in order just to
How do you catch up on nearly five years in twenty minutes?
How do you say goodbye, when you've just said hello?

"Star, you came. You are here!"
How could I not?
It was for the both of us.

For me... to see your smile and hear your voice again, old friend.
I did not, could not let you go without telling you that
I love you...

Love between women is unique.
We bare our souls,
Share our dreams and
Fight the good fight.
So many memories crash through my mind.

I told you to leave, to do what your heart told you, you said I gave you strength
Again, I told you to go, even though I knew a wedge would be driven.

You helped me heal and trust again... so many times
I want to crush herbs in the little room, to play the same song over and over gain, to dance under the moon, to go for wild rides nowhere, to sit under the tree at market

To make that promise
Never let a man come between us... and keep it this time.
Five lost years...I feel robbed.
I grieved then and I grieve again.

"Kisses like butterflies" you said then and
"More now" before you crossed over.

A light has gone out in the world.

Yet, I hear you, like always.

Connectivity, Sisterhood.
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1 comment:

  1. Sadly, very beautiful, a necessary purge of deep emotion. It takes courage to bare your soul.

    It is good to grieve again and to remember. I often do about my father, and he is gone for 42 years.

    Now with your writing I am able to grieve for David, a glowing light that is out - but always in my vault of memories.