Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fancy Rat... Revisited

I feel like Julie in Julie & Julia! One of my followers sent me a gift. Granted, the follower happens to be my mom but she is my biggest fan!. I opened the box my mom sent with glee.  No, I'm not at sleep away camp but boxes from mom bring good books, little surprises or even clothes!

Mom sent three books: The Girl Who Played With Fire, Shanghai Girls, and Engaged Buddhist Reader. Yep, my mom is way cool: eclectic, inspirational and funny. She also sent three shirts because she knows I never go shopping for myself. I used to shop but that was in the before times and the subject of another blog entry. Gently tucked away in tissue paper was the piece de resistance! I did take French in High School but I also took Spanish so I don't speak either one but can understand just enough to go out to eat.

Behold, my very own fancy rat, dressed for her very special day!

Lovely purse and a nice diamond ring!

Laughter to near tears engulfed the household. My son said, with a smile from ear, "Mom... its a fancy rat, just like that crazy lady from work!" Ahhh, so true but this is only one fancy rate, it truely is  cute and doesn't require a cage or food!

Note the lovely tiara!
This fancy rat will be sitting on my desk on Monday morning! And now dear readers, here is an opportunity for you to participate! Name the fancy rat and you will win a real prize.*

Silly rules: Participation is required. You may enter as often as you like. No more than one entry per day. All name suggestions become the property of She said This and That. The winner will be selected by the Daley family and announced by August 15th, in honor of my mom's birthday.

*If you wish to win "the prize" you must include your favorite color and if you are allergic to any fiber.


  1. Well, I have to tell you that it was an inter-faith marriage. Perhaps you could call her "Chelsea" in honor of the wedding yesterday. I did not go to the wedding, like Obama. I felt that it would only increase the need for extra security.

  2. How about Fräulein Frederica Fancy Rat? Just a thought...

    Oh, and my fav color is pink and I'm not allergic to any fiber.

    How fun,


    p.s. I think I'll cross post this for ya over at my place :)

  3. Fancy Nancy? Bet I hear it over that! I love greys and creams. No allergies.

  4. Penelope...

    My favorite color is teal. Wool is kind of itchy, but I am good other than that!

  5. I will stick with Chelsea, I love RED and please no "itchy" wool. soft wool is ok.

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  7. Okay so how about...
    Urma Bane Fancy Rat I like green!! all fabric is good for me! Joyce