Monday, July 5, 2010

Write a Letter

I heard a marvelous tidbit on NPR the other day how a young blogger, in her twenties, asked her older blogger friends to write a letter to themselves when they were twentysomething and give their most important bit of advise... something they wish they knew when they were in their twenties. I feel awful that I can only remember the young woman's first name, which I think was Lisa. I guess that means I'm more than twenty.

I thought it would be interesting for my followers to do the same. Yes, my postings tend toward humor, but be as serious or not, as you want to be. I will be posting my own letter within a week. So sit back and really think about this. If you do not want to post your letter in the comment section, or feel the space is too short, please feel free to email it to me ( If you don't want any of the information posted, please just let me know, I will respect your privacy.


  1. Wow! I have to think on this. There are so many things I wish I had done differently.
    So many. I guess I would start with make Satan [the one true devil in my life] your booty call until you get pregnant then run like hell!

  2. The thing I would have done different is keep my independence and my own identity. This is my opinion, but I don't think anyone should ever depend on their significant other. Always know your financial situation and have control. Try to keep some funds in an account of your own. Try to have a partnership with the same rights. Have the ability to make it on your own if that need should arise. Also, I learned that the worst thing to do is let bad feelings turn inward. Make sure it is understood that the relationship must be open and honest. Oh yeah, don't go to bed while hanging on to sorrow -- you may not have the chance to laugh with those you love tomorrow....